Multiple Spindle Head Accessories

Collets    ER Collet for Multiple Spindle Head Drill

Our ER collets are known for accuracy, holding power and universal availability. Their short length is important because the spindle length can be shorter and runout increases with tool overhang.

Clamping Range & Available Sizes
Metric (mm) Inch
ER8 1.0-5.0 (.5 Increments)  
ER11 1.0-7.0 (.5 Increments) 1/16-1/4 (1/32 increments)
ER16 1.0-10.0 (.5 or 1.0 Increments) 1/16-13/32 (1/32 increments)
ER20 2.0-13.0 (.5 or 1.0 Increments) 1/16-1/2 (1/32 increments)
ER25 2.0-16.0 (.5 or 1.0 Increments) 1/16-5/8 (1/32 increments)

Tools    Multiple Spindle Head Drill Tools

Special tools necessary for the operation of our Multiple Spindle Heads are provided with each drill head purchased. Additional or spare tools are available from stock.

Setup Fixtures

A setup fixture is the easiest and accurate way to set the spindle pattern of an Adjustable Multiple Spindle Head Drill. Custom fixtures are available for of our Multiple Spindle Heads for use with your Drill Press or other Drill Machine. Click HERE to view the adjustment method of multiple spindle heads.

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